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Sublimation; An Iceberg's Story
36″ x 32″ x 32″

Solo show at Kentler International Drawing Space. Winter 2018, Brooklyn, NY.

Digital composite on “DuraTrans.” White lines created by scratching to remove photographic surface. A room-sized lightbox with 8 florescent light fixtures mounted vertically on rear wall. Photographed in Iceland and Western Greenland in 2017. Hangs at 7′ from ground, printed 27′ x 4′, dimensions variable as it loops through available space of venue.



Sublimation6spaceSublimation story

Small sculpture of Icylla, iceberg that was the model for Icylla, which can be seen in video behind her.

Icylla, An Iceberg's Story

at Hammond Museum

ebb, Hammond Museum, Summer 2018, Westchester, NY. Alternate venue, hanging on wall with hand-drawn awning. Three person show.